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Eco-Universal PH Neutral Cleaner 1000ml (4pcs in 1 Bundle) + FREE 500ml Liquid Hand Soap

Eco-Universal PH Neutral Cleaner 1000ml (4pcs in 1 Bundle) + FREE 500ml Liquid Hand Soap!!

 At Frosch our motto is not “the stronger, the better”, but “less is more”.

Frosch cleaners are therefore as gentle as possible on man and the environment and depend upon highly effective alternative formulas that are based on raw materials of vegetable origin and are rapidly biodegradable.

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FROSCH Cleaner pH-Neutral is a natural, very efficient, and thus environmental-friendly all-purpose cleaner.

Its pH-neutral formula is very mild therefore ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Suitable for cleaning all kind of surfaces and throughout your home. Also suitable for washing your hands and hand-wash of laundry.  

Available in 1000ml-bottle 

Come with FREE..

Fosch Pomegranate Cream Soap with gently nurturing pomegranate extracts cleans and pampers your skin. The valuable emollient properties of the Pomegranate Cream Soap support the skin's natural protective acid mantle, protect your hands from drying out and offer optimum care to make your skin feel pleasant, clean and supple.

Complemented by a pleasantly fruity scent of pomegranate, washing your hands becomes a truly pleasant experience.

Available in 500ml

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