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Mom More Milk Lactation Cookies (Hershey's) (Halal)

Delicious Soft Baked Lactation Cookies with Organic Ingredient*, No Artificial Preservatives, No Hydrogenated Oils & No Nasties ( Halal )

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Oats & Hershey's Chocolate Chips Cookies

A delightful treat of delicious soft baked lactation cookies with the irresistible Hershey's Chocolate Chips to help boost breast milk production. With wholesome natural lactogenic ingredients such as rolled oats, organic flaxseed meal, wheat germ and pure malt - this is definitely a great treat for nursing mothers.

Oats are eaten by nursing moms worldwide to boost breast milk supply and are a nutritional powerhouse, providing plenty of whole grains, fibre, iron, and an abundance of healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

Flax seed provides an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for brain development, which can be passed from mother to baby through breast milk. These ingredients work together to make a wholesome, beneficial treat for breastfeeding moms.

Wheat germ is high in Zinc which is involved in over 200 enzyme functions and is important for every aspect of immune health, reproductive health and breastfeeding. Zinc can help protect cracked nipples, and may help ease the baby blues or even postpartum depression. 

Pure Malt is highly lactogenic as it contains copious amounts of beta-glucan, a long-chained sugar molecule that studies show has the potential to increase prolactin, an important hormone of lactation. 

Read my ingredients!

Rolled oats, flour, butter, Hershey’s Chocolate Chips, brown sugar, eggs, organic flaxseed meal, wheat germ, malt extract, pure vanilla extract, salt & baking soda.


What is a lactation cookie?

Hi there! Mom More Milk lactation cookies are seriously delicious and nutritious, packed with natural key ingredients that can help boost your breast milk supply. Lactation cookies can help promote an abundant breast milk supply. The result? Happy baby, happy mommy! 


What ingredients do you use?

The lactogenic ingredients for cookies are rolled oats, organic flaxseed meal, wheat germ & pure malt Unlike most cookies you find in stores, my cookies are homemade with love and care in small batches using wholesome natural ingredients, nothing processed (except for my chocolate chips). There are definitely no crazy label names that you cannot pronounce. I say no to nasties, to an extent I even scrub the eggs before cracking them. Told ya, no nasties. 


What is the difference between Oats & Hershey's Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies & Cranberry & White Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies?

Both of them have the same lactogenic ingredients of rolled oats, organic flaxseed meal, wheat germ & pure malt. The only difference is the flavour. One has the irresistible Hershey's Chocolate Chips and the other has that delicious tangy taste of cranberry with creamy white chocolate chips. 

What is the recommended intake?

For the first 3 days, eat 3-4 pieces daily followed by a tall glass of water after each piece. After 3 days, eat 1-2 pieces daily for maintenance. Eating more than this recommended intake would not pose a problem.


How long do your treats last?

My treats have a shelf life of one month and better keep in the fridge. I do not add any preservatives, so leaving my cookies in the corner of your cabinet for several months will make them sad.


Are your treats very sweet?

I can consider my treats are pretty healthy with an abundant dose of fibre for the cookies, and superfood ingredient in the brownies. I only add about half of a cup of brown sugar in every bag of treats.


Can my husband & older children consume them too?

For the cookies, yes. In fact they are a healthy snack with high fibre and less sugar as compared to store-bought cookies.

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